Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County

The Cornell Cooperative Extension educational system enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work.

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Jonathan Green 

Now is the time to get your lawn in shape with properly timed applications of Jonathan Green Lawn Products. I can help you to create the “New American Lawn”. This means an eco-friendly lawn that is naturally dark-green in color, so it looks great with less fertilizer, more drought-tolerant because of its deeply rooted and more disease and insect resistant because my turf grasses contain endophyte, reducing the need for chemical pest controls. The American Lawn occupies a warm place in our hearts. Let me help you, in an ecologically friendly way, to grow today’s great looking care-free lawn.

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Proven Winners

The future of horticulture has arrived, and this year's introductions show just how far we have come. Our efforts to bring the finest, most innovative new plants to North America's home gardeners have inspired breeders, growers, and retailers to think in innovative new ways. Proven Winners programs continue to help increase our customers' profits and educate the public about our products. And by building awareness of the Proven Winners brand, we have introduced millions of consumers to the world of gardening.

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Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful plants represent the best and most recognized annuals for your garden, as well as new and unique selections to inspire your gardening creativity. But the plants are only part of the package – Simply Beautiful also provides home gardeners with tips and growing information to help you through the growing seasons. Quarterly e-newsletters and a comprehensive web site that includes a plant search and garden center locator promise the information you need to achieve total gardening success!

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The Espoma Company

Since 1929, The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions. From our leading organic plant food, Holly-tone®, to our new Earth-tone® line of natural pesticides, we provide the most extensive selection of natural organic products that work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns & gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a safer world for future generations. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about what makes our company and products so special.

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The Liquid Fence Company

Liquid Fence's all-natural Deer Repellent is designed to offer you year-round protection from deer and rabbits. Like all of Liquid Fence's animal repellents, our deer and rabbit repellent is proven effective at safely repelling deer and rabbits. Deer are constantly foraging for food, eating evergreens, shrubs and other landscape plants.

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Trusted since 1926, BONIDE is now a member of the ADAMA Group under the Syngenta Global organization. This new ownership (since 2019) gives our family business a global footprint and enormous global resources to allow BONIDE to continue to serve gardeners with premium pest control products for generations to come.

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JR Peters, Inc. is a Custom Toll Manufacturer, Designer, Formulator and Producer of fertilizer products for the Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture and Retail markets. ​ Started in 1947 by Bob Peters, his Horticultural Services Co. tested soil for greenhouse growers and made recommendations on how to produce the best crops. Today, under the leadership of Bob's son, Jack Peters, JR Peters, Inc. is advancing the tradition of Peter’s family quality products and services.

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Gypsy Months

Check out the article from the DEC about gypsy months and how you can help control them and how you can prevent them from damaging any of your plants and nearby land.

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